Integrated Health Services

Substance use treatment and physical health services including residential treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders. Get connected today.


Connect with Health Services

Connect with Health Services

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Housing Services

Housing is the foundation of Native American Connections and a principle method of supporting individuals in alcohol and drug recovery, family stabilization, and community wellness. NAC has developed, owns and manages 850 units of supportive and affordable housing.


Life-changing Support

Life-changing Support

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Community Services

Native American Connections champions community development projects that strengthen the Native American Community and celebrates the rich cultural histories of indigenous peoples. NAC is a leader in community efforts to end homelessness. We advocate for affordable housing and easy access to whole-person healthcare.


Fueling a Healthy Community

Fueling a Healthy Community

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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services

Native American Connections combines evidence-based treatment practices with Native American healing & ceremonies to provide a holistic environment that heals the mind, body and spirit. See our traditional healing page to get an in-depth look at our cultural practices and their impact on successful recovery.

Our recovery philosophy & approach include: 

  • Holistic wellness 

  • Family healing
  • Trauma informed care 
  • 12-step programs
  • Native traditional healing practices & cultural arts
  • Evidence-based curriculum for addiction and substance use treatment

Get Help with Substance Abuse Treatment

Native American Connections provides outpatient and residential treatment programs with evidence-based, client-informed care. Below is an overview of our behavioral health services; explore our outpatient, residential, young adult, and traditional healing pages to learn more about NAC behavioral health programs built to benefit a sustainable recovery path.

Ask questions or connect with our team of behavioral health professionals at 602-424-2060 or to get started with NAC services today. 

Get Started

Reach out to our team with the form linked below. We will respond promptly to provide the information necessary to get started with services.

Connect with our team

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to us at 602-424-2060 or to have our intake staff help you.

Intake assessments are offered in-person by appointment or walk-in as well as by phone. Our team will coordinate with you to provide the best method of meeting. See our Outpatient Treatment Center information for hours of operation.

Client Referral

Agencies and providers can refer directly to NAC by filling out our referral form and sending via fax to 602-424-1623 or email to

Members of tribal communities interested in developing a referral program may call us at 602-254-3247 or email

Outpatient Treatment for Substance Use

NAC Outpatient, located at 4520 N. Central Ave. Suite 100, is here to help you strengthen and maintain recovery by providing substance use and co-occurring treatment services through our intensive outpatient treatment program. Individuals meet with NAC specialists and staff based around an 8 week program. Check out this quick overview of services and explore our outpatient services page for hours of operation and program specifics. 

  • In-person intensive outpatient program structure
  • Traditional healing & cultural curriculum  
  • Counseling, case management & family support 
  • Peer recovery & coaching
  • 12 Step meetings
  • Services for young adults 16-25 years old

Residential Treatment for Substance Use

NAC operates Patina Wellness Center, located at 337 E. Virginia Street, Phoenix, Arizona, providing compassionate care for women and families and their dependent children ages birth to 5 years and Patina Mountain Preserve Wellness Center for men, located at 1431 E. Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona. These programs provide access to services for individuals 18 and older and their dependent children birth to 5 years. Check out our residential treatment page for further information about residence and the level of care at these locations and to get started with the assessment process today. 

Recovery Program for Young Adults

NAC's Treatment, Recovery, Enhancement, Expansion Program (TREE) is here for your behavioral health needs. We offer one on one counseling, life skills, workforce development, education planning and more for young adults, 16-25 years of age that may be homeless, facing challenges, and disconnected from services. This program is available to youth of age in Maricopa County, with or without insurance. Check out our young adult page for more information about TREE services and set up your appointment to meet with the TREE team.

Additional Info about NAC Integrated Health Services

Native American Connections' mission is to improve the lives of Native American population through health, housing and community development services. With the mission to serve Native people, more than 50% of our organization's behavioral health services and resources are provided to the Native American community. Indigenous People of the Americas have a rich heritage of inherited knowledge passed on by ancestral languages since time immemorial through oral archivists and oral language. This knowledge has been passed on through a wide range of ceremonies, stories, dances, theatrics and instruction. Everything from social and kinship rules to when and how to plant and harvest were passed from generation to generation through our ancient languages. Native languages were not written until after colonization and still remain spoken languages today. Tribal languages were significantly impacted by colonization and the placement of Native children into boarding schools for over 100 years where they were required to speak English and punished for speaking their tribal language. With history in mind, NAC does not translate documents into written language, and receives few requests for oral language interpreting. NAC does identify employees who speak languages other than English and utilizes health plan interpretation vendors and Native community interpreters as needed. 

NAC has Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG) and Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG) funds that can be used to fund substance use treatment services for people who live in Maricopa County. This funding may also be used when substance use treatment services are not covered by a person's private insurance plan. 

NAC accepts Medicaid / AHCCCS.