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On May 2, 2018, Native American Connections officially became recognized as an

Urban Indian  Organization!


What is an Urban Indian Organization?

An Urban Indian Organization Program that receives recognition and funding through the Office of Urban Indian Health Programs under the banner of the Indian Health Service. Given this designation, the organization has the capacity to serve a more diverse population offering a wider array of health care options including medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health etc. Achieving this status allows the organization to gain more access to funding, healthcare resources and additional staffing needs to better serve the local community.

How many other Urban Indian Organizations are there nationally?

There are now, including Native American Connections, 41 Urban Indian Health Programs nationally. You can find a list through this interactive map that details some of the other programs.

Urban Indian Organization Programs in Arizona

There are now 4 total Urban Indian Organization Programs located in the state of Arizona.

 Urban Indian Oragnization Program benefits

 Native American Connections specific long term goals