Integrated Health Services

Substance use treatment and physical health services including residential treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders. Get connected today.


Connect with Health Services

Connect with Health Services

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Housing Services

Housing is the foundation of Native American Connections and a principle method of supporting individuals in alcohol and drug recovery, family stabilization, and community wellness. NAC has developed, owns and manages 850 units of supportive and affordable housing.


Life-changing Support

Life-changing Support

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Community Services

Native American Connections champions community development projects that strengthen the Native American Community and celebrates the rich cultural histories of indigenous peoples. NAC is a leader in community efforts to end homelessness. We advocate for affordable housing and easy access to whole-person healthcare.


Fueling a Healthy Community

Fueling a Healthy Community

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Native American Community Service Center

The Native American Community Service Center was originally purchased in 2005 with leveraged financing through the New Market Tax Credit Program.  Native American Connections, Phoenix Indian Center, and Native Health formed a legal partnership to finance the purchase of the 85,000 square foot, six-story office building in central Phoenix.  This building is now owned jointly by NAC and Phoenix Indian Center (PIC). Located on the Phoenix Metro light rail at the Central & Campbell Station, the Center currently includes:

First Floor

  • 100 - Native American Connections – Outpatient & Youth Behavioral Health Services

Second Floor

  • 250 - Phoenix Indian Center

Third Floor

  • 370 - Gric Urban Members Association, Inc
  • 380 - Native American Connections – Medical clinic by Appointment Only (Check In @ Suite 100)

Fifth Floor

  • 555 - Tohono O'Odham Community College (TOCC)
  • 570 - LISC - Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • 575 - AARP Foundation - SCSEP

Sixth Floor

  • 600 - Native American Connections - Administration
  • 620 - Trust
  • 630 - Executive Conference Room
  • 640 - Community Conference Room

Emergency Maintenance – Call (602) 488-8391

Vendor Space

Native American Artisans and Jewelers can reserve a table to sell their merchandise in the lobby of the Center, Monday through Friday, 8am until 3pm. To learn more about securing a vendor space, please call the Native American Connections Office Manager at 602-254-3247.

(Note: Vendor Space is temporarily unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic)

The Native American Community Service Center offers vendor space on the bottom floor