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    Floor Plans

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    Urban Living on 2nd Ave

    33.4563952, -112.0768396

    650 N. 2nd Avenue
    Phoenix AZ 85003 602-648-9757

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    Urban Living on 2nd Ave

    Urban Living 2 (UL2) is only minutes away from the light rail in the heart of Downtown Phoenix close to jobs, shopping, and the best cultural, art and dining hot-spots in the Valley!

    UL2’s 70 affordable apartments consist of urban loft studios, one, two, and three bedroom layouts.

    Amenities Include:

    LEED Certification Standards

    New LEED for Homes MidRise Platinum project, Urban Living on 2nd Avenue (UL2) incorporates many sustainable initiatives hoping to provide a positive impact on both the environment and local community.  Additionally, as an affordable housing project, UL2 proves that such initiatives can be accessible to members of all income classes.

    Sustainable initiatives include:

    * Incorporating “Transit-oriented-design” (close proximity to public transportation) to encourage use of public transit resulting in lower regional pollution.

    * Providing secure bicycle storage to tenants helping to promote fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

    * Building on infill lots allowing for closer access to community resources and using existing infrastructure rather than developing new roads and utilities.

    * Developing a high density complex that reduces the overall footprint of project but also provides a comfortable living experience for the tenants.

    * The promotion of water conservation through the use of drought tolerant plants, thus reducing the overall irrigation requirements.

    * Providing highly-efficient plumbing fixtures to reduce overall water demand.

    * The installation of Energy Star appliances in order to reduce electricity demand.

    * The use of high-efficiency HVAC equipment and the use of non-HCFC refrigerants.

    These are just some of the many LEED for Homes MidRise directives implemented into UL2.  For more information regarding LEED for Homes MidRise, please visit www.greenhomeguide.com.

    no availability

    If you are interested in this property, please contact us at 602-648-9781 for placement on our waitlist. Income restrictions apply.

    Equal Housing Opportunity