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Housing Housing

New Communities In Development

Permanent Supportive Housing

Stepping Stone III

Stepping Stone Phase III (August 2020)

Stepping Stone Phase III is an expansion of NAC’s neighboring Stepping Stone Place development, contributing to an integrated campus serving chronically homeless individuals.  Proposed as a 42-unit permanent supportive housing community, Stepping Stone Phase III includes construction of a new four-story building with a gated and secured single point of entry.  Residents, at their request, will be “wrapped” with supportive services tailored to their specific needs utilizing the Housing First model.

Dunlap Pointe (January 2021)

Dunlap Pointe is a 54-unit permanent supportive housing community designed to serve chronically homeless persons including a focus on

veterans. Situated on the edge of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, this secured community is accessed through a single point of entry.  As one part of a two-part campus, Dunlap Pointe is adjacent to Patina Mountain Preserve, a 55-bed congregate living community.  Together, these developments will create a safe and secure environment with rich and holistic supportive services, using best practices from NAC’s 45+ year history serving the residents of Phoenix.

Community Wellness

Patina Mountain Preserve (Fall 2020)


Patina Mountain Preserve is the second congregate living community created by Native American Connections to address the recovery needs of the Phoenix community.  Opening in 2020 adjacent to Dunlap Pointe, Patina Mountain Preserve will offer 55 treatment beds with Native American traditional healing practices and cultural activities including sweat lodges, smudging/purification, talking circles, songs and drumming, Red Road teachings, Native crafts, storytelling and cultural presentations.  On-site classes will instruct residents in life skills, workforce development activities, and provide access to computers and a library with educational materials. Wellness checks and health education classes will also be available along with alternative healing practices such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, and art therapy.


Native American Connections’ cultural heritage dictates that we are mindful of the impact our actions have on future generations. To that end, our projects achieve U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Certification with the following components:

For more information regarding LEED for Homes, please visit : www.greenhomeguide.com.

Equal Housing Opportunity