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Transitional Housing

HomeBase Transitional Living Program for Youth

HomeBase serves individuals 18-24 years of age who are experiencing homelessness including teens that have left undesirable family environments, young adults who lack the skills or experience needed to live independently and in rising numbers, youth who identify as LGBTQ. HomeBase is integrated with Native American Connections Behavioral Health Services and housing programs to create the continuum of care needed to support youth as they move from crisis to stabilization; the streets to housing.

The HomeBase Transitional Living Program offers dorm-style housing for 25 youth.  While living at HomeBase, youth work to improve their job and/or educational status and learn how to be responsible for their health, grooming and living environment all while addressing any substance use disorders and behavioral health issues.   Youth are encouraged to remain in the program to take advantage of all resources available so they can establish a solid foundation on which to build a healthy, productive and sustainable lifestyle.

To learn more about the Transitional Living Program or to check availability, please call 602-263-7773 anytime of the day or night.



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