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WELCOME! HomeBase Youth Services Programs of Native American Connections

Street Outreach

Employees and volunteers, each night, travel out to the streets and other places where homeless youth are found and bring meals, blankets, hygiene products and information about NAC services. HomeBase strongly encourages youth to come to the Day Resource Center for more assistance.

Day Outreach Center

The Day Resource Center is a facility where homeless youth can come Monday through Friday to wash their clothes, take a shower, have a hot meal and meet with case managers and receive referrals for medical and mental health professionals as they work toward entering the Transitional Living Program.

Transitional Living

A program designed specifically to help homeless young adults prepare for healthy independent living. Services include housing, employment training and assistance, financial literacy courses, educational training and assistance and referrals for legal assistance, medical and mental health services, substance abuse services, social services and assistance with social/developmental challenges. The goal of this program is to provide youth with the necessary support for them to be ready for a better future.

In addition, NAC provides the opportunity to access a wide variety of affordable housing when these young people are ready to be on their own.


HomeBase Youth Services
931 E. Devonshire
Phoenix, Arizona 85014
P: (602) 254-7777 - Outreach Center
P: (602) 263-5531 - TLP

P: (602) 263-7773 - Main Line

Email: hbys@nativeconnections.org.

On-line Donation

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Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community. Please consider joining our team of volunteers for the HomeBase Youth Services Programs today! Simply complete the volunteer application which will include information about your specific skills, talents, interests you would like to share. Are you interested in volunteering for a one time event? Do you have a block of time monthly or weekly to volunteer? What skill or abilities might you want to share with others? If you would prefer, email info@nativeconnections.org and tell us about your interests and availability. Thank you!

Volunteer Application (Click Here to download)

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