Integrated Health Services

Outpatient and residential treatment for substance use & co-occurring disorders with general health services available at our Integrated Clinic.


Call 602-424-2060 for help today.

Call 602-424-2060 for help today.

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Housing Services

Housing is the foundation of Native American Connections and a principle method of supporting individuals in alcohol and drug recovery, family stabilization, and community wellness. NAC has developed, owns and manages 850 units of supportive and affordable housing.


Life-changing Support

Life-changing Support

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Community Services

Native American Connections champions community development projects that strengthen the Native American Community and celebrates the rich cultural histories of indigenous peoples. NAC is a leader in community efforts to end homelessness. We advocate for affordable housing and easy access to whole-person healthcare.


Fueling a Healthy Community

Fueling a Healthy Community

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Housing Programs

Housing is the foundation of Native American Connections and for supporting individuals in alcohol and drug recovery, family stabilization, and community wellness. NAC has developed, owns and manages 850 units of income based and affordable housing. Our income based and affordable housing program is open to individuals and households of all ethnicities with specialized communities for families, seniors, individuals with disabilities, chronically homeless men and women, and homeless youth.

Low income, income based, and affordable housing program for Native Americans, Families of all Sizes, Individuals, Chronically Homeless Individuals, those Recovering from Substance Use, those requiring additional resources and services, seniors / the elderly, the disabled, and more

We purposefully develop and operate our programs with the following principals:

  • Build a sense of community among residents
  • Empower residents to become active participants in their communities
  • Locate properties in safe, central locations, near transportation and other amenities
  • Offer on-site services to increase stability and improve health and wellness
  • Integrate community with access to behavioral health services

Rental Housing Support

Affordable Housing

Our affordable apartment communities in Phoenix and Glendale AZ offer income based and market rate rental properties along with on-site supportive programs and community activities that help low-income families improve their ability to lead healthy lifestyles and make good choices while increasing financial stability and self-sufficiency. Multiple unit sizes are available to accommodate different household and family sizes. Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, and 4 bedroom apartments are available and accepting applications depending on the community.

Affordable Housing Phoenix AZ | Affordable Housing for Families, Homeless, and more in Arizona

view of Camelback Pointe, a permanent supportive housing community | Low income, permanent supportive apartments for rent in Phoenix Arizona

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

Our PSH communities meet the needs of very low income and chronically homeless individuals who are in need of additional assistance and home resources. NAC is a part of the Single Adult Coordinated Entry System in Maricopa County. Project Based Section 8 and HUD VASH vouchers are available.

Transitional & Emergency Youth Housing

The HomeBase Emergency Shelter provides assistance for youth ages 18-24 who are currently experiencing homelessness. Saguaro Ki increases independence and personal responsibility among homeless youth 18-24 years of age by wrapping services like GED/college readiness, employment and life skills courses, financial literacy, and wellness resources around youth. To encourage financial responsibility, youth pay 30% of their income towards rent.

Transitional Youth Housing in Arizona | Emergency Youth Housing Phoenix AZ

Transitional Communities for Women at Native American Connections

Transitional Housing for Adults in Recovery

Our transitional living program is Pendleton Court, a licensed sober living home that provides individuals who have completed residential substance abuse treatment with the additional time and support needed to make a successful transition to a permanent home. As a requirement, residents also participate in NAC’s outpatient program and receive progressive step-down support. Learn more about Pendleton Court and the process for applying to this program.

Native American Connections Property Management

Property Management

NAC’s Property Management Team oversees the management and operations of all communities. Employees are committed to the highest customer service and qualified in all aspects of property management. Property managers at each location are trained to not only respond to tenant property issues but to also provide case management as needed and to support residents in their efforts to maintain their housing.


At each of our communities, NAC offers on-site programs and activities with the purpose of helping residents improve health & wellness; increase financial literacy; and encourage family strengthening. Co-ordinated by our Resident Services Team, classes and activities are offered throughout the year and are tailored to meet the interests of each unique community. Households are encouraged to participate, not only for their own benefit, but to build a welcoming, supportive environment and sense of true community as well.

Activities include cooking demonstrations, financial management, job and career development, AA support groups, family communication strategies, and afterschool and summer programs for kids. The Resident Services Team also assists with the Resident Empowerment Program which offers residents the opportunity to become involved in building a safe, supportive environment at each community.

Supportive Housing Resources and Services in Arizona

Housing Resources Outside of Native American Connections

For Members of Tribal Communities

Visit the link for information about connecting with tribal housing assistance and resources in Arizona. Please note that Native American Connections is providing this tool as a resource only. Each tribal nation and department control the release of relevant information at their discretion.

Additional Native American Housing Programs and Resources

Income Based Housing | Low Income Housing | No Discrimination, Homeless Families and Individuals, Youth & Young Adults, Disabled Individuals and Families, seniors and the elderly, and more can find a home with Native American ConnectionsNo person shall, on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, familial status, or disability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under Native American Connections housing programs.