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Camelback Pointe

33.5091074, -112.0927681

1537 W Camelback Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85015 602-648-9724

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Camelback Pointe 


Camelback Pointe features 54 fully furnished 1 bedroom apartments for chronically homeless and low income individuals.  

Amenities Include: 

LEED Certification Standards

New LEED for Homes Multifamily Platinum project, Camelback Pointe, incorporates many sustainable initiatives hoping to provide a positive impact on both the environment and local community.

Sustainable initiatives include:

* Incorporating “High-Quality-Transit” (close proximity to public transportation) to encourage use of public transit resulting in lower regional pollution.

* Building on infill lots allowing for closer access to community resources and using existing infrastructure rather than developing new roads and utilities.

* The promotion of water conservation through the use of drought tolerant plants, thus reducing the overall irrigation requirements.

* Providing highly-efficient plumbing fixtures to reduce overall water demand.

* The installation of Energy Star appliances in order to reduce electricity demand.

* The use of high-efficiency HVAC equipment and the use of non-HCFC refrigerants.


These are just some of the many LEED for Homes directives implemented into Camelback Pointe. For more information regarding LEED for Homes, please visit : www.greenhomeguide.com.


no availability

If you are interested in this property, please contact us at 602-648-9738 for placement on our waitlist. Income restrictions apply.

Equal Housing Opportunity