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Start the year off helping others - become a NAC 2015 Food Champion!

Start the year off helping others - become a NAC 2015 Food Champion!

We need your help to stock our emergency food pantries! NAC is looking for individuals or groups to pick a month to conduct a specific food drive for our clients and residents.

For example, cereal in February, peanut butter and jelly in March or canned tuna and meats in September.  Your efforts will bring a smile to the face of someone who would otherwise be hungry or eat foods that may not be as nutritious. 

Many of the residents in NAC housing communities are struggling to keep food on the table. Families and formerly homeless men and women often have incomes so low that meeting everyday basic needs is an issue.  They are often left with choosing between the family food bill and the cost of medical care or school supplies.  NAC tries to maintain emergency food pantries at each of our housing communities to help fill this need. We would love to have a Food Champion for every month of the year to help us fill those pantries.

Becoming a Food Champion is a great project for scout troops, schools, community service organizations, faith based communities, families or the workplace. Food Champion Drives can be promoted through your social media – NAC is happy to cross promote! We can also arrange to pick up donated items.

Please call or email PJ Jasso to sign up to be a Food Champion.

Contact PJ Jasso at p.jasso@nativeconnections.org or 602-254-3247