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Behavioral Health Behavioral Health

TELEHEALTH AND TELEPHONIC SERVICES NOW AVAILABLE - LIMITED IN PERSON SERVICES STARTING JUNE 1ST - CALL US AT 602-424-2060! You can use a smart phone or computer that has a camera and a microphone for the virtual “telehealth” visit. 

Native American Connections offers substance use treatment including residentialoutpatient and integrated health services for substance use and co-occurring disorders. Licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services in 1978, NAC has partnerships with over 45 different entities including all of the Arizona Medicaid Health Plans, T/RBHAs, Tribes, and Indian Health Services (IHS).   

 Although today we serve all people, we remain grounded in values which honor and respect Native American culture and kinship.  Our recovery philosophy includes: 

  • Holistic Wellness – Healthy Mind, Body, Spirit 

  • Family Healing – Family Counseling Services 
  • Evidence-based curriculum with emphasis on the cultural attunement of each client 
  • Native traditional healing practices and cultural arts 
  • Trauma informed care 
  • 12-step Programs 

 At Native American Connections, we combine evidence-based treatment practices with Native American healing & ceremonies to provide a holistic environment that heals the mind, body and spirit. Our programs and services include: 

Behavioral Health Residential Treatment for Substance Use  

  • Patina Wellness Center 

  • Patina Mountain Preserve 

Adult and Youth Outpatient Services